• Asset evaluation of your equipment prior to purchase/removal. ( We will determine fair market value for your equipment and pay top dollar at time of pickup)
  • Reuse of equipment (the friendliest forms of recycling is reuse). AMIT purchases and sells pre-owned electronic equipment including: medical/lab, IT/networking, audio visual, telecom and test equipment.
  • Removal and recycling of all electronic equipment and complying with EPA standards for proper disposal (AMIT aims to keep all electronic waste out of our landfills to preserve our planet.)
  • E-waste disposal. (electronic equipment is dismantled and separated for metals, plastics and other parts)
  • Data destruction. (Will either physically destroy your disk drives with mechanical means or use electronics data destruction methods that use special DOD certified software to wipe and then overwrite entire disk with redundant data several times.)
  • De-installation for medical equipment. ( Able to dismantle and remove all types of medical equipment including X-ray and mammography machines)

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