Electronics Recycling in New Jersey Asset Liquidation in New Jersey

Electronics Recycling in New Jersey

AMIT Recycling Solutions, Inc specializes in recycling outdated and end of life electronics in New Jersey. With millions of computers becoming obsolete on an annual basis, e-waste has become ever more prevalent in landfills across the country. Lead and other dangerous toxins can leak into the ground water and pollute drinking water supplies. We all have to do our part to preserve our environment. Our goal is to provide environmentally friendly outlets for removal and disposal of electronics. Our highly trained and knowledgeable staff has extensive experience to help you with all of your recycling needs. We understand that your time is valuable and we work diligently to make the process as simple and time efficient as possible. Let our staff do all the work for you.

Asset Recovery in New Jersey

AMIT provides an asset recovery program in New Jersey that maximizes profits on used and retired equipment while freeing up capital and space. Asset liquidation of retired equipment provides your organization a return on capital from your original investment on IT and electronic assets. Reuse of hardware is the most environmentally friendly form of recycling. AMIT purchases and sells pre-owned electronic equipment including:

  • Medical/lab equipment in New Jersey
  • IT/networking equipment in New Jersey
  • Audio visual equipment in New Jersey
  • Telecom and test equipment in New Jersey
We maximize any remaining fair market value of your out of service IT and electronic equipment. You can be assured that AMIT will provide your organization top dollar on retired equipment and provide payment at time of pick up. When professionalism counts you can count on AMIT in New Jersey.

Contact us at 443.393.3371 or email at info@amitrecycling.com

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